How To List Your Hay And Straw




To have a free producer listing you must



Raise the hay listed on ground you own, rent or lease



Bale the hay you list on shares


Information needed for your listing



Your State & County



Mailing Address - For my records only - See



Contact Phone number



Contact Email



Website or Facebook page if you have one



Hay types, bale information, Approximate amount sold yearly



You may include other information you think is important


**Why mailing address needed**

I make every effort to avoid fake and scam listings. Your addrress allows me to verify your location. Your mailing address will not be included in your listing unless requested by you. It will not be stored on the internet or shared with a third party.

**Your email will not be included unless you request it be included.

Email will no longer be hot links. This helps protect you being spammed by computers.

If you choose to have an email only listing I must still have a contact phone number for my records

*Important Notice *

If you choose to include your email you may receive unsolicited emails from third parties not associated with I assume no responsibility for the emails or any problems caused by them. This is a chance you and only you take when you include your email on any public online source!  I will not be held responsible!

Send Information to

You may send information to:

P.O. Box 111

Port Jefferson, OH 45360-0111

Feel free to call Tom May at 937-710-9555 - Leave a voicemail message.