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Be safe! No not use your primary email for internet sales or purchases. Consider a Cheap Backup Computer.

Scam Alert !!! The old certified check scam could be coming back!

Sellers & Buyers beware!

Sellers Of Hay & Straw Beware!

There are scams being tried by fraudulent buyers. They overpay and ask for a refund. Be safe do not give refunds until you are sure their payment has cleared and funds are guaranteed to be in your account.

Buyers Of Hay & Straw Beware!

There scams being tried by fraudulent sellers. Hay will be priced below market value and down payment in advanced required than hay is never delivered. These sellers only have email addresses and you can't call them or they will only call you.

SCAM! 7-21-16 !!!

I received a phone call from a NW Ohio hay producer. An individual stopped at his farm (sign by drive) and wanted to buy 200 bales of hay with a $1500 money order from Western Union. He would take the balance in cash or check. The hay seller wanted to get the money order verified before he would take the money order. The man said he did not have time and left before the license plate could be seen (parked along the road). beware of buyer in white dual pickup pulling a red flatbed trailer.  Non-Ohio Tags.

Report possible scams to local Sherriff and to this website - EMAIL

Kentucky Buyers and sellers check out this news article - http://www.nkytribune.com/2017/05/ag-commissioner-quarles-warns-farmers-about-hay-buying-scam-offers-some-tips-for-good-transactions/

Safety Alert #1 !

 It has happened again; China has began to clone websites for livestock supplies and equipment. Verify before you request information.

You may be added to a spam email generating account. 

Safety Alert #2!

Some bogus classified ads are showing up in some classified ad sites. They will often have many spelling errors and only an email contact.